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For Current Students at MEAC Schools

Welcome student- the main purpose of MEAC accreditation is to ensure protections, transparency, and a quality education for you!  Below you will find some common requests and information that may help you during your time as a midwifery student. Please let us know if there are other questions we should add here. Best wises on your journey to midwifery!

MEAC keeps a current listing of all our accredited schools here: School Directory

You can click on any of the schools in the listing to find more detailed information about each, including areas where MEAC has assigned additional reporting.

You can also find notifications of accreditation decisions made by the MEAC Board of Directors here.

As a part of each school’s accreditation process, MEAC collects input on the school. Calls for public comment can be found here: Call for Public Comment.

You are also welcome to submit information at any time to our Director of Accreditation.

Have concerns about your MEAC school that you would like to file a complaint against? Follow this link to submit a complaint form.

MEAC’s scope when responding to complaints focuses on whether the school is meeting MEAC’s standards for accreditation, policies and procedures.


Your school’s state authorization agencies and any other accreditors will each have their own complaint processes which the school must provide to you (usually in a student handbook or on their website). If your school offers Title IV Financial Aid, the US Department of Education will also have its own complaint process.

A school that loses its accreditation is a big deal.  It is also a decision that does not get made lightly or quickly. Schools have multiple opportunities for due process, to make corrections, and to appeal any initial decision to deny, suspend, or withdraw accreditation (also known as adverse action). If your school loses its accreditation, it means the school wasn’t meeting MEAC’s standards for accreditation, policies and/or procedures and was not able to make adequate corrections to come into compliance. For more information about how a school loses accreditation, see MEAC’s info sheet here: What is Adverse Action


When a school will lose its accreditation, it is required to create a teach-out plan and MEAC considers the school to be closing (see the “what happens if my school closes” section of this menu for more information about what that entails). For more information and a listing of closed schools, including approved teach-out agreement options, go to the Closed Schools page.

School closures are a big deal. MEAC policy requires all of our accredited schools to communicate with MEAC in advance of any program or full school closure, to explore other options, and to determine the best path forward. When a school knows it is going to close, it is required to create a teach-out plan. This plan lays out a timeline of events such as communication, ceasing teaching, student advisement, anticipated date of closure, where student records will go, etc. A piece of the teach-out plan also includes identifying which students are closest to graduation and that could be expected to finish at the school prior to closure and establishing a teach-out agreement with at least one other comparable school to provide an option for easy transfer of all the remaining students. MEAC must approve any teach-out agreement and reviews all teach-out plans. The ultimate goal of any teach-out plan and agreement is for the fair and equitable treatment of all students- your wellbeing becomes MEAC’s highest concern.

When a school fails to create an acceptable teach-out plan or teach-out agreements, MEAC may require changes to the plan, may require a different agreement, or may elect to establish our own teach-out agreements on behalf of the students impacted.

After a school has closed, you will still have access to your student records. Usually these will be held by the department of education of the home state that your school was in.


For more information and a listing of closed schools, including approved teach-out agreement options, go to the Closed Schools page.

For more information and a listing of closed schools, including approved teach-out agreement options, go to the Closed Schools page.