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Closed and Schools Teaching Out

Due to the impact of any closure, the determination to close a program, branch campus, or institution should be made through a consultative process between MEAC, the institution and other stakeholders in midwifery education, and is only decided after alternatives have been considered. Schools considering the closure of their institution or program must follow MEAC’s policies and procedures for closure plans, teach-out plans, and teach-out agreements.

If an institution or program MEAC accredits or preaccredits closes without a teach-out plan or agreement, MEAC works with the US Department of Education and appropriate state agencies, to the extent feasible, to assist students in finding reasonable opportunities to complete their education without additional charge.

For students in a program that is closing, how and where to continue education is a decision each student has to make for themselves. This includes the decision to participate in the closing program’s teach-out plan, transfer to another school under school-negotiated teach-out agreements, or to transfer to another school of the students own choosing. MEAC will provide information and resources for options. We do not rank or indicate preferred options.

As more information becomes available, MEAC will keep this page updated.

Schools Currently Under a Teach-Out

* The US Department of Education and MEAC both set requirements for approval of schools serving as a teach-out agreement location. Considerations include, but are not limited to, comparability of the programs, no requirements for relocation or travel to new locations, capacity of the receiving location, and good standing with accreditation and state authorizations.

US Department of Education Closed School Guide for Students

The US Department of Education offers a guide to help students identify the options available to continue their education. This guide includes information on finding a teach-out or transfer program, financing, federal aid, academic records, tuition recovery (if applicable to your state), and student loan discharge. Additional information about student loan discharge can be found here.

Schools No Longer Accredited By MEAC

  • Status: closed
  • Date of closure: June 29, 2022
  • Approved teach-out agreement locations that have made accommodations for accepting transferring students: none
  • Location of student records: Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission
  • Status: voluntarily relinquished preaccreditation
  • Date of relinquishment: January 12, 2022
  • Location of student records: remain with school
  • Status: accreditation withdrawn
  • Date of withdrawal: January 6, 2020
  • Location of student records: remain with school
  • Status: closed
  • Date of closure: December 2009
  • Location of student records: remain with school