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Join MEAC for Midwife Conversations

MEAC is excited to announce our new project Midwife Conversations. Each month we will be chatting with members of the midwifery community including practicing midwives, students, educators, families, and partnering midwife organizations. We will discuss midwifery education and accreditation, the essential services that midwives provide, personal experiences from the midwifery field, current challenges that midwives face, and much more.

Through this new project, MEAC hopes to share the importance of midwifery, accreditation, and the positive impact midwives have in our communities and in our health care system. Midwife Conversations also aims to inspire future midwives and to educate the public about the benefits and value of midwifery.

Our first conversation is with Gina Gerboth, CPM and MEAC board member. She chats with Rachel Ornstein, MEAC’s Director of Development about Gina’s experiences being a midwife, specifically during the current pandemic, her education experiences, and what motivates her passion for midwifery education and accreditation.

Nominate a guest to be part of our new Midwife Conversation series. If you have someone you would like to hear from, or have topics and questions that you would like us to discuss, please send an email to MEAC’s Development Director, Rachel Ornstein, or send us a message on MEAC’s InstagramFacebook, or Twitter page. We can’t wait to hear from you!