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Teaching Resources

Assessment of Student Learning

Resources for teaching Cultural Competency

ReproLine Plus is part of Johns Hopkins’ non-profit org, Jhpiego and provides the health community with information, access to expertise and program implementation ideas.  Abundant resources can be used by midwifery educators to update knowledge, skills and attitudes on various midwifery topics from the ICM and MEAC competencies.  Explore all of the tabs for technical and program resources, trainer and educator resources, and learning opportunities. There are great maternal health modules using a “choose your own adventure” scenario-based teaching method

Lancet released Every Newborn Series.  It presents “the clearest picture so far of the ongoing slow progress in newborn survival, provides new focus beyond survival, and combines research and reality in countries to set target for post-2015 to ensure that every newborn has a healthy start in life. Every year, 2·9 million newborn babies die from largely preventable causes, and 2·6 million more are stillborn. The five papers advocate for quality care at birth, which requires facility and community actions with a focus on the time of birth.”

Global Health Media provides many relevant videos and excellent anatomical overlays as in the Position of the Baby” video. The script is taught from a global perspective so ALL practices may not be universally applicable (for example, routine use of oxytocin after birth) but, for the most part, great visuals and practices.

K4Health offers pictures, PowerPoint presentations, etc. to teach evidence-based family planning/reproductive health and related health topics.

Medical Aid Films can be downloaded for free; DVD copies are also available upon request.  If a password is needed it is “maf”

Technical Resources:

This link offers a variety of free video creation resources along with useful instructions.

Richard Byrne lists all kinds of helpful teaching and technology resources.