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Standards Training Videos

The following links will take you to resources compiled for each standard.  Most include short videos prepared by MEAC staff to provide applicant schools and reviewers with a basic orientation to the purpose of the Standards and Benchmarks.

These materials are not intended to cover all of the requirements of the MEAC standards and benchmarks in detail. It is the responsibility of all applicant schools to review the standards provided on the MEAC website under Accreditation Handbook in their entirety.

For more information or training, please contact MEAC’s Director of Accreditation.

Note: these videos and resources speak to MEAC’s 2013 Standards. A new set of standards was released in 2020. Schools must meet the new 2020 Standards, though these outdated videos will still help give some overview for the time being. New videos will be produced shortly.

Introduction to the 2013 MEAC Standards

Standard I – Mission, Program, and Student Achievement

Standard II – Curricula

Standard III – Faculty

Standard IV – Facilities, Equipment, Supplies, and Other Resources

Standard V – Governance, Financial Management, and Administrative Capacity for Institutions

Standard VI – Student Services

Standard VII – Student Affairs

Standard VIII – Measures of Program Length

Standard IX – Complaints and Grievance