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Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health (ACIH)

MEAC is a proud member of the Academic Collaborative for Integrative Health.  (formerly ACCAHC) ACIH brings together councils of colleges and schools, accrediting agencies, and certification and testing organizations associated with the five distinctly licensed complementary healthcare professions which have a federally recognized accrediting agency including:

  • acupuncture and Oriental medicine
  • chiropractic
  • direct entry (home birth) midwifery
  • massage therapy, and
  • naturopathic medicine.

The mission of ACCAHC is to enhance the health of individuals and communities by creating and sustaining a network of global educational organizations and agencies, which will promote mutual understanding, collaborative activities and interdisciplinary healthcare education.

Visit ACIH’s website to learn more about the exciting efforts underway to help the licensed complementary healthcare professions get outside of their silos and work collaboratively to accomplish mutual goals.