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The Self-Evaluation Report (SER) is a comprehensive, detailed report prepared by the institution/program addressing each of the standards and associated benchmarks. The SER follows the structure of the MEAC Standards. Each standard is measured by a series of benchmarks. You will be asked to demonstrate how your institution meets the benchmark by responding to specific instructions such as provide a description, report the results, describe the process, etc. Text boxes throughout this Workbook indicate how the site visitors will verify that the information provided in your SER is accurate and complete.

Note regarding distance or correspondence education: Institutions/programs that offer any instruction via distance or correspondence education must provide evidence that they are in compliance with MEAC Standards by meeting the same benchmarks that apply to all institutions/programs. Where specific evaluation criteria or methods will be applied by your Accreditation Review Committee, they are described in the Workbook in boxes titled “For Institutions with a Distance or Correspondence Education Component.” (see definition for distance and correspondence education in the Glossary)

This section of the handbook, “Section E: Self Evaluation Report Workbook,” guides you through the process and serves as a reference so you can be sure your report is complete and correctly formatted. We encourage you to prepare your SER by using the electronic version of the “Self Evaluation Report Workbook” (available as Microsoft Word 2000 document), filling in the information as requested and/or attaching documents in an appendix to each standard. Refer to the Glossary in Section H of this handbook for definitions of terms. Refer to the end of Section E, the SER Workbook, for the necessary forms which are italicized and in bold.

To download a copy of the Institutional SER click here

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