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MEAC approves Continuing Education Programs attended by professional midwives to maintain and upgrade their skills and knowledge for practice. Below is a calendar of CEU offerings throughout the US and beyond. The workshops and conferences listed have either been approved for MEAC CEUs or have applied for CEUs as indicated.

Following is a list of on-going continuing education opportunities that have been approved for MEAC CEUs.

Midwifery Skills Workshops, taught by Linda "Lynn" Arnold. Sponsors can choose from the already approved workshops and courses or request their own topics. For more information, please contact Lynn Arnold at or click here for more information.

Cultural Competency and Global Midwifery Skills Seminar. For more information please contact Vicki Penwell at or click here for more information on Cultural Competency and Global Midwifery Skills Seminar.

Supporting Women through Perinatal Loss Workshops for Childbirth Professionals with Miriam Maslin are available all across the US. Click here for more information or search below for a workshop in your area.

Midwifery Management of Neonatal Resuscitation. For more information on classes, please contact Karen Strange at or Click here for more information.

Item Writing Workshop, Qualified Evaluator Workshop, Ethics and Values in Midiwfery and Everyday Life, Preceptor-Apprenticehip Relationships, MANA Stats, Preparing for Midwifery Legislation, Unravelling the Mysteries of the CPM, and Charting all offered by NARM (The North American Registry of Midwives). For more information, please contact Ida Darragh at or call 1-888-842-4784 or Click here for more information.

Gestational Diabetes and Physiologic Cord Closure. For more information, email Anne Frye at or call 503-255-3378.

Pharmacology and Medication Administration: A Workshop for CPMs (Colorado). This workshop covers pharmacology and medication administration relevant to homebirth midwifery practice and particularly the current regulations in Colorado. This class will be both lecture and practical. We will cover pharmacology and application of RhoGam, Pitocin, Methergine, Misoprostol & Vitamin K. It is approved for 8 CEUs. Email Kristine Lauria at or call 571-245-8597.

Administration of Medications and IV Fluids for Direct Entry Midwives. The content of this workshop is designed to meet state requirements for medication and IV administration. There is hands-on practice for IV starts, fluid administration and rate calculation, and administration of medications including eye ointment, vitamin K, Rhogam, Pitocin, Cytotec, and Methergine. Email Janelle Komorowski at to schedule a workshop in your area.

Distance Continuing Education Opportunities are also available!

To view the continuing education programs available to take from a distance, Click here.

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Process for Approval of Continuing Education Courses

Applying for MEAC CEU's

If you have a program or conference you are sponsoring and would like to offer continuing education credit to participants, you can download the CEU Guidelines by clicking below. You may also download the accompanying application forms by clicking below.

guidelines and application

Electronic Submissions Only


CEU Fees

The maximum application fee is $300.00 OR the equivalent of one course registration fee for a REGULAR admission (no discounted or late fees applied), whichever is greater. Please see the CEU Guidelines for the formula for calculating the CEU application fee. Payment can be made below via the "Pay Now" button or checks for the application fee can be mailed to the MEAC office, 1935 Pauline Blvd., Suite 100B, Ann Arbor, MI 48103. If your payment amount is NOT in the pull down menu below, contact the office and we will email you an invoice for payment.

Contact Hours

Continuing Education Opportunities

If you are a midwife, student, apprentice or other health care provider and would like to participate in MEAC approved Continuing Education Programs, click here for a list of current courses being offered.

Click here for guidelines and applications.

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Distance Continuing Education

One of MEAC's roles is to evaluate and approve distance continuing education (CE) for midwives and other women's health care providers. Program sponsors who receive MEAC approval for continuing education programs then award continuing education units (CEU's) or contact hours to participants.

Following is a listing of all current Distance Continuing Education opportunities that have been approved by MEAC.

Maintain and build on your skills and knowledge as a midwife and receive MEAC continuing education credits at the same time-all from the comfort of your own home!

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia for the Active, Mobile Woman Course
Earn 3 CE contact hours by completing the online education, Resolving Shoulder Dystocia for the Active, Mobile Woman. Gaily Tully teaches this hands-on class for midwives, their active apprentices, and L & D nurses. Physicians and residents are also very welcome.
For more information contact Gail email visit the website

No More Kegels
This course was developed in response to skyrocketing rates of occurrence of Pelvic Floor Disorder, in an effort to bring the education and treatment of PFD in line with the science, which currently it is not, which is the reason the problem continues to get worse. Most literature on PFD gives some if not most of the blame for PFD on pregnancy and childbirth, despite the data that shows PFD rates to be equal among women who have never had children.
For more information email visit the website

The Wisdom of the Thirteen Moons
The Wisdom of the Thirteen Moons was created to help midwives that are already working and those aspiring to become midwives to learn traditional ways of working with natural modalities instead of working with pharmaceutical drugs and ultra sounds in birth. The Wisdom Series will be specifically dealing with many situations that experienced midwives face and give a more traditional approach to dealing with them. Dealing with the overall health of the pregnant woman, bleeding after birth and more importantly, avoiding it in the first place.
For more information contact Clare Loprinzi call 808-333-8990 email visit the website

Record Keeping and Chart Smarts: Client Healthcare Documentation for Midwives
At the completion of this course, students will be able to: *Summarize the components of a healthcare record *Demonstrate ability to write a professional SOAP note *List ten charting dos and do not's *List three legal obligations for maintaining charts *Summarize HIPAA regulations regarding client access to medical records. The course covers the essentials of documentation, including how to write a professional SOAP note, how to manage electronic charting, HIPAA considerations, what to know about record storage, handling records when you must transport, and what to do if a state entity requests your records. You receive the curriculum download via email, and can work at your own pace. Upon completion, I will send you the final (multiple-choice) quiz and SOAP charting exercise, which you can email back to me when you are finished. I will grade these and return your certificate of completion to you. It is a six contact hour course for $60.00.
For more information contact Janelle Komorowski, CNM, MS call 970-420-2606 email visit the website

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